Using PyPi

metaRNA can be installed very easily using pip.

pip install metarna

Using git

If you want to run the very latest, feel free to pull down the repo from github and install by hand.

git clone
cd metaRNA
python install

You can run the tests using the test-runner:

python test

Browse the source code online at


ViennaRNA is required to compile metaRNA C extensions. It is recommended to install ViennaRNA from source. On Unix-like systems, it usually involves:

wget '' -O viennarna.tar.gz
mkdir viennarna
tar -zxvf viennarna.tar.gz -C viennarna --strip-components=1
cd viennarna
sudo make install

Usual build essentials (automake, autoconf, gcc) are required.

You can download the above package from this link if the above link isn’t accessible. To download and verify the SHA checksum:

wget "" -O vienna224.tar.gz
echo "71a4c4704228fd01eb6e39415400a904d5240cef  vienna224.tar.gz" | shasum -c

Windows System

metaRNA hasn’t been tested or built on Windows systems yet. Contributions are welcome.